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Youth Frontiers Ethical Leadership Luncheon 2016

Samantha HoangLong was announced as the 2016 Character Award Winner, and we presented Samantha with a $5,000 scholarship.
Here is a short video about Samantha.
She shared about a recent Youth Frontiers event she attended where," young man even said that he sometimes felt like he wasn’t a good enough son. Each of the students’ stories differed, but the feeling of insufficiency pervaded nearly all of them. Imagine how it might feel to be 14 years-old and say out loud something that is personally painful. But then, imagine how it would feel to find that other 14-year-olds – maybe some you’ve never talked to before – have the same hurt, even those with good grades, clear complexions, popularity or athleticism. Imagine suddenly discovering a new sense of connectedness with your class."


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