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Drive to Serve


"Drive To Serve" truly exemplifies what lies at the heart of Luther Automotive. Our "Family of Dealerships" are dedicated to serving each other, our guests and our communities.

Feel free to share with us what you are doing in your community and your Drive to Serve.

The Luther Difference | Luther Automotive Group

When you're searching for any product, much less a product that you will be using as much as a new vehicle, most people tend to mind the quality of supplier they're purchasing from. Any responsible consumer will research greatly who they are buying from. The source of the product is just as important as the product itself.

That's why Luther Automotive Group takes pride in who we are as an organization and product provider. When you shop with Luther, you're buying not only a quality product, you're investing into a quality group of people who…

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Automotive Research 101 | Luther Automotive

Knowing what you're getting into is a key part of the auto-purchasing process. Without it, you may end up purchasing a vehicle that isn't a good fit for you. Being forced to drive a vehicle that isn't a good fit for you, or isn't something that you enjoy driving isn't satisfying. Why spend money without the satisfaction?

Looking to purchase a new vehicle can be one of the most stressful commitments you can make. The time needed to make a good decision is too valuable to be squandered. Always make sure you take the time…

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Is Cheap Gas Bad For Your Car? | Luther Automotive

When you're at the pump, most people instinctively reach for the cheapest gasoline available. It makes the most sense financially, of course, so why wouldn't you? Most cars don't actually require premium fuel, so why would you buy it?

There is a growing contingency that believes over time, the harsh additives and impurities in the cheapest gasoline will start to affect engine performance and ultimately be bad for your vehicle. Those who?

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Luther Family Buick GMC Participates in Fargo Marathon | Luther Automotive

Not but just a couple of months ago, our team out in Fargo participated in the Fargo Marathon. The marathon is completely indoors and aims to benefit local charities and causes around Fargo every year.

Luther's General Motors dealership sponsored the event this year. Several Luther Family Buick GMC employees participated in the event, and we couldn't be more proud. Luther Family Buick GMC brought several Buick and GMC models to the event?

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Meals on Wheels | Luther Automotive Group

Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver meals to residents in the Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Camden neighborhoods in Minneapolis. 

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