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Drive to Serve


"Drive To Serve" truly exemplifies what lies at the heart of Luther Automotive. Our "Family of Dealerships" are dedicated to serving each other, our guests and our communities.

Feel free to share with us what you are doing in your community and your Drive to Serve.

Highway Hypnosis | Luther Automotive Group

It's a long drive, and you're cruising along like you always have. Before you know it, you've driven 4 hours in what seemed like a few seconds. Have you experienced this? You may not be alone. Highway hypnosis is a strange phenomenon, and we're here to fill you in on the details.

Highway hypnosis is a daze that drivers can go into, where experts believe that brain activity actually slows down. The repetitive hum of the road paired with the consistent motion of objects passing can easily encourage someone to become in a trance-like state. Experts…

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Moms on the Run 5K: What To Know | Luther Automotive Group

August 23rd and August 28th. Mark your calendars.

Those are the dates of the Moms on the Run 5K and the banquet following the event, respectively. Online registration for the 5K has already closed. Unfortunately, there is no registration on the day of the race, but that shouldn't stop you from coming out and supporting the racers and this great cause!

Moms, don't worry about the kiddos the day of the race. Let Dad take care of them and let them hop around in our bouncy castle while you're on your run.

Awards for the event will…

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Luther Has the Coolest Employees | Luther Automotive Group

Service runner Nick Beaver from our Bloomington Acura Subaru store is a cool employee.

When he isn't busy working on our customer's vehicles, he very well may be working on his own getting ready for his next big race.

In his spare time, Nick Beaver races on a NASCAR-sanctioned short track, fulfilling his father's dream of racing cars. Mike Beaver, Nick's father, serves as Nick's vehicle manager and spotter. As…

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The Luther Difference | Luther Automotive Group

When you're searching for any product, much less a product that you will be using as much as a new vehicle, most people tend to mind the quality of supplier they're purchasing from. Any responsible consumer will research greatly who they are buying from. The source of the product is just as important as the product itself.

That's why Luther Automotive Group takes pride in who we are as an organization and product provider. When you shop with Luther, you're buying not only a quality product, you're investing into a quality group of people who…

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