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It's a long drive, and you're cruising along like you always have. Before you know it, you've driven 4 hours in what seemed like a few seconds. Have you experienced this? You may not be alone. Highway hypnosis is a strange phenomenon, and we're here to fill you in on the details.

Highway hypnosis is a daze that drivers can go into, where experts believe that brain activity actually slows down. The repetitive hum of the road paired with the consistent motion of objects passing can easily encourage someone to become in a trance-like state. Experts believe these brain waves are actually very similar to the same brain waves seen in humans when asleep.

So why is this important?  

Experts believe that being in a state of highway hypnosis, as it is astonishingly similar to sleep, reaction time and awareness are obviously greatly impaired. Driving impaired in any manner isn't safe.

Often times, this state of highway hypnosis stays present until one's environment changes. Maybe you have to avoid something in the road, or something catches your eye. These sort of distractions and variances in your drive are what snap you out of highway hypnosis.

What can you do to avoid highway hypnosis?  

There's a few things that you can do on your longer drives to help prevent getting trapped into highway hypnosis.

  • Bring a few snacks for your drive. As we mentioned above, any sort of variance in the hum of the highway and the buzz of the road helps keep highway hypnosis at bay. Bring something crunchy, and something to drink, and you'll be set.

  • Make a playlist before you go. Put together 40-50 of your all-time favorite songs. The better you know them, the better off you'll be. Singing and anticipating the next lyric or drum solo in a song will keep your alert and focused.  

Be safe out there on your longer drives. Happy trails!
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