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Outsmart the snow, ice and freezing temperatures this year with a few of these easy car hacks from the Luther Auto team.

1. Use shaving cream to prevent fog.

In a pinch, you can use shaving cream to fog-proof your windshield. Use a dry cloth and some shaving cream to wipe down the windshield the night before. Need to remove fog in a hurry? Keep a chalkboard eraser on hand. They work great!

2. Hand sanitizer will unfreeze door locks.

If your vehicle doesn’t have keyless entry and your locks are frozen over. Use hand sanitizer to unfreeze them.

3. Vinegar will help de-ice your windshield.

Put a mixture of ⅔ cup vinegar and ⅓ cup water in a spray bottle and spray the ice to help it melt. This method is much safer than using warm or boiling water. If you use warm or boiling water to try to melt the ice on your windshield, you risk seriously cracking or shattering the glass. This vinegar mixture will help the ice melt without the risk of damaging your windshield.

4. A credit card can be an ice scraper.

If you live in the midwest, it’s likely you have an ice scraper in your vehicle. However, if you should ever find yourself without an ice scraper, a plastic credit card will also work. The Luther Automotive Group always recommends using a ice scraper that is designed for cars. Using a credit card is a safe second option, but you should still be careful not to scratch the glass.

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