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How often do you need a tow truck service? Even though your car may not stall on the road very often, you need a tow service in Minnesota you can count on if it happens. You need to call Luther Auto Group, your top car and truck dealer in Minneapolis

Thankfully, when you need a tow truck service, Luther Automotive Group’s auto towing is just a call away. You can call us any time, day or night, with our convenient 24/7 customer service. Our skilled towing professionals will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to wherever you are, no problem. 

Now you know who to call for a tow in Minneapolis, but what do you do when you break down on the road? Below, we’ve compiled a few steps to help you get through a break down. 

Get to a Safe Place
When your car malfunctions, pull over to the side of the road away from traffic if possible. It’s ideal to coast along on the side of the road until you’re away from a curve. This will allow you to see traffic coming behind you. It’s best to avoid blindspots. 

Stay in Your Car
If you can’t pull over to the side of the road and you find yourself sitting in traffic, do not get out of the car. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is wait for help when you’re in this situation. It won’t help for you to cross the road or try to fix your car. The chances are a cop will stop to help. 

Be Visible
A white napkin, paper or cloth will come in handy when you’re broken down. Wave it out your window so people can see that you’re broken down and they can drive around you. Maybe a nice driver will even stop to help. 

Another safety tip is to turn on your emergency lights so people can see you’re in trouble. 

If you break down at night, keep your interior light on so people can see you. If you’re not able to keep your light on, open the door that is away from traffic so the interior light will stay on. If your engine is still working, keep it running so you won’t run down the battery. 

Place Reflective Markers
If you have reflective markers on hand, and it’s safe to get out of your vehicle, place them about six feet behind the car. Quickly place them and get back in your car until help arrives. 

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