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Just a few weeks ago, we let you know about a man named Allan Law. Allan is affectionately referred to as "The Sandwich Man."



Photo credit/Ben Garvin, KARE

If you're unfamiliar with Allan and his efforts, we feel it's only right to introduce you to "The Sandwich Man."

Allan, if you haven't gathered, makes sandwiches.

Every night around 8 p.m, Allan fills his minivan with over 700 sandwiches and heads to the streets of Minneapolis. Allan then gets in his minivan and searches the streets to distribute these sandwiches to those in need until around noon the next day. Allan has done this every night for nearly 13 years.

Allan previously taught school, where he saw first-hand the dire situation of families whose students he taught. Allan retired in 1999 to devote his entire life to offering so ease of burden to the homeless of Minneapolis.

Allan sees this as his mission in life, and is committed to carrying it out. He is on the streets every night despite circumstance, even sleeping in the front seat of his car. Allan says he hasn't slept in a bed in 13 years.

Allan has a massive network of volunteer-led organizations to support his efforts. Over 700 local organizations donated basic necessities or made sandwiches last year. With their help last year, Allan passed out over 520,000 sandwiches, 3,000 blankets, and 2,000 pairs of socks.

The Luther Automotive Group is a proud supporter of the work Allan is doing to better the Twin Cities.

If you would like to help out Allan's work, click here.

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