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You can go a long way in life being bad at math, or science or history. But you can’t make it far in life without being able to read, and read well. That’s the sentiment that powers the The Rock 'n' Read Project, sponsored by the Luther Automotive Group.

The Rock 'n' Read Project is an amazing program that changes the lives of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. By teaching students to read using music as the medium, literacy, proficiency, and comprehension increase dramatically.  

The students learn to read by singing. By doing so, they are "cross-training" their brains. Research has shown that 13.5 hours using the TUNEin to READING software in the Rock 'n' Read program is equivalent to one year’s gain in a normal reading curriculum.  

The Rock 'n' Read Project is located in a renovated and decommissioned, but still fully operational city bus. The bus has been turned into a mobile computer lab featuring the Rock 'n' Read program’s curriculum. The kids love to learn using this innovative and fun software.

Luther Automotive Group is proud to partner with organizations like Rock 'n' Read to help our communities. To see more about The Rock 'n' Read Project, visit, and Watch our video at

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