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Although it's just a small light on the dash, it holds big implications. It also may act as a big annoyance, because you aren't sure what it means. It's a common vehicle problem that our customers come see us about. That's why we decided to promote our Lights Out at Luther event, where we offer free diagnostic checks on your vehicle all month!

Today, we'll highlight some of the most common, and perhaps the hardest ones to identify, lights that pop on, and what needs to be done to fix them.

Oil Pressure Warning - This is the one that looks weirdly similar to the magic lamp from Aladdin. The small icon is designed to look like an old-style oil container, and illuminates when the oil pressure sensor is set off, meaning that–you guessed it–the oil pressure is low. When this light comes on, it's usually very serious. You either need to drive straight to a close-by auto shop, or pull over and call someone who will be able to help you. In some vehicle models, this light will come on in a yellow/amber color, as opposed to the normal red, which means that the oil is simply low, not nearly as dire of an issue.

Brake System Alert - The brake system alert light is a circle, with a few radiating lines, and an exclamation point in the middle of the circle. This light will illuminate whenever the engine system is registering low levels of brake fluid. Low brake fluid is a major issue, and professional help should be sought out quickly. Every now and again, this light is sometimes caused by a hiccup in the anti-lock brake system of the vehicle.

Powertrain Malfunction - This icon looks like a gear with an exclamation point inside of it. This light comes on when the engine management computer detects a severe fault in the vehicle's powertrain. When this light comes on, the engine needs to be shut down and a qualified technician should be contacted.

These lights can be tricky business. Visit your local Luther dealership during our Lights Out at Luther event and we'll take care of you!
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