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Dash lights differ for each vehicle based on make and model. There are a few lights that mean generally the same thing in every vehicle.

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Dash lights help your vehicle communicate a problem before it gets worse. If you have a dash light on please consult your owner’s manual and bring your vehicle to the nearest certified mechanic.

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Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine Light could illuminate as the shape of an engine or say “check engine”. This light indicates that an engine malfunction has been detected by your vehicle’s computer system. It could mean anything from a loose gas cap to a serious engine malfunction. Consult your owner’s manual and, if needed, take it to the nearest certified technician.

Charging System Warning Light

This light will most likely look like a battery with a “+” and “-” symbol. It indicates that your vehicle’s charging system is malfunctioning. There are many issues that can cause this kind of malfunction. To determine the cause you need to take it to a certified mechanic.

What to do: When this light illuminates, it is likely that your battery is running low. To prevent a roadside emergency, take your vehicle to the nearest certified mechanic. In the meantime, you can help lengthen the life of your battery by turning off all electric features like climate control, audio systems and avoid using power windows and doors.

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