6 Easy Steps to Safely Remove Snow from Your Car | Luther Automotive Group

Ouch! You’ve just made a huge scratch on your new car. You were trying so hard to avoid it. What can you do? How do you stay clear of these scratches when clearing snow and ice off your car? 

Luther Automotive, your new car dealership serving Fargo, ND, hates scratched paint. We want to help you avoid it, especially during the winter months, with these six easy tips below. 

Avoid a Broom 
When you wake up to five inches of snow on your car the first thing you may reach for is a broom. This is not a good idea at all. Its bristles are sure to leave cringe-worthy brush strokes in the paint. Also, avoid nylon brushes and shovels. 

Use a Foam Brush
Before snow settles on your vehicle, make sure you’ve got a foam brush like the SnowBrum or any other brush that is made of nonabrasive, freeze-resistant molded polyethylene foam. Make sure the head is hard-plastic so it won’t come in contact with your vehicle’s surface. 

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Pull, Don’t Push
Don’t just start pushing and throwing off the snow just any ‘ole direction. There’s actually a method to the madness when it comes to clearing the snow. Pull the snow off in a straight line from the front bumper instead of pushing. By keeping it in a straight line, scratches will blend in better if you do happen to create a scratch. It’s recommended that you start at the top of the vehicle and move down to the sides and then work to the hood and trunk. 

Minimize Contact
The more you can avoid touching the brush to your paint, the better. A tip to help with this is to not worry about removing the last little bit of snow. The last little bit will melt off from the heat of your engine or the sun’s rays. 

Use Your Hands
If you don’t have a foam brush on hand, use your hands. We suggest wearing leather gloves. It’s messier, but you you’ll be able to avoid scratches. 

Remove the Big Chunks
The last thing you want to do is leave a big chunk of snow and ice on the hood. It can become a potential hazard when braking because it can slide forward onto your windshield to fly back on the cars driving behind you. 

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