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Do you like to take the back road? If you’re an off-roading thrill seeker, you’ve probably found yourself in a few muddy messes in your vehicle. 

Luther Automotive Group doesn’t want a little mud to ruin your day. That’s why we’re offering you a few tools you need to get yourself out of the mud. Keep reading. 

A Shovel 
Really? All you need is a shovel? Well, not that’s not all you need, but it is one of the most valuable tools you need when getting out of the mud. A shovel moves the mud and dirt under your tires quickly and is easier on your back than using your hands. So, when you get stuck, grab your shovel and start removing the mud away from the front of your tires. 

Cardboard, Carpet or Wood
Who knew you could get unstuck with something so simple? It’s true! Once the mud is removed from the front of your tire, side a strip of wood, carpet or wood under the tire to get some traction. Then, slowly push the gas until you’re unstuck.  

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Lift Jack
This tool will save you a lot of time and sanity. If you have a truck that sits high off the ground, we suggest a taller jack. 

Tow Strap 
This simple tool is worth it! You need a strap with tow hooks and is rated at least 10,000 pounds. When connecting two vehicles together, DO NOT connect to the body or bumpers. Only connect the frames. 

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