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As you may or may not recall, Uber has received some backlash in the past for some discriminatory driver acclamations. In September of 2014, a lawsuit was filed against Uber after a decent number of Uber drivers refused passengers with dogs.

One example from the suit claimed that a driver agreed by phone to take two passengers to their destination, but upon arriving, saw a guide dog and shouted, “no dogs,” before speeding away. Another even had the audacity to lock a guide dog in the trunk for the duration of the Uber trip.

So, this suit asserts that these drivers, in many instances, refused service to or acted inappropriately towards blind passengers. And, in some cases, people claimed that the drivers charged the passenger service fees after denying them rides. We’ll just say that Uber was not pleased about this and they have finally figured out a way to prevent this sort of treatment.

“It is Uber’s policy that any driver partner that refuses to transport a service animal will be deactivated from the Uber platform. The Uber app is built to expand access to transportation options for all, including users with visual impairments and other disabilities.”

Well, last week, Uber took the first steps toward ending discriminations against passengers that require service dogs. Uber proposed a settlement that will make it a requirement for current and new vehicle drivers to confirm that they understand their obligations to disabled passengers.

Uber has stated that if a driver knowingly denies a person that requires a service animal, the driver will be removed from the platform, as they should. President of the National Federation of the Blind said, “Access to reliable and effective transportation is critical to the ability of blind people to live the lives we want. Uber and similar services can be a great asset to the blind when they are fully and equally available to us. The National Federation of the Blind is therefore pleased with uber’s commitment to implement, and effectively enforce, a nondiscrimination policy with respect to blind people who use guide dogs.” Currently, the settlement is seeking approval from the court for the class action lawsuit nationwide.

Thanks, Uber. Our faith in you has been restored. One of the great things about Uber is that it is a responsible company looking to help others, so this was just another step in the right direction. Yea for no discrimination!

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