Get Your Dashlight Checked Free

A dashboard warning light can send anyone into panic mode and what do those lights even mean? The anxiety of not knowing whether the light indicates a loose gas cap or engine malfunction can quickly determine your vehicle’s fate.

Vehicles are so complex that it’s virtually impossible to diagnose and repair the problem yourself. So, trying to diagnose the problem using a basic diagnostic tool will not detect every problem, and this is where the repair costs add up. Luther uses the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment to inspect and detect all problems, which will save you money.

Simply fill out the Lights Out form and we’ll take care of the rest. From Lights Out to We Buy, Luther is committed to keeping you safe and happy on the road.

Five Common Lights And What It Could Mean For Your Car

Battery Light:

May be a faulty battery or faulty alternator. Either way, your vehicle could lose power and leave you stranded on the road.

Traction Control Light:

May simply come on during a slippery section of the road. But if the light stays on, it is likely your vehicle is not safe to drive.

Emissions Light:

May be no real need for concern. But if the check engine light is also on, you should seek immediate vehicle repair.

Engine Oil Level Light:

May be as simple as a sensor or need for an oil change. But it could also mean your oil pressure is low, which could cause sudden engine failure.

Airbag and Seat Belt System Light:

May be as simple as a seatbelt sensor. But if it’s your airbags, they may not deploy upon vehicle impact.


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