Luther FAQs

How and when will I get my Luther Advantage card?

You will receive your Luther Advantage card in the mail approximately 4 to 6 weeks after your purchase. For example, if you purchase a Luther vehicle in January, we'll mail you your card by the end of February.

When will my Luther Advantage card expire?

Your card is good for three years from the date of issues if you purchased after December 2014 (Prior to Jan '15 the card was good for 2 years). Example - If you purchased your vehicle in January 2015, your card would expire on February 28, 2018.

How do I use my Luther Advantage card for the car wash discounts?

Your Luther Advantage Card is a "show-and-save" card. Present the card  to the cashier along with a form of payment, and you'll receive your discount on fuel as well as on"The Works" car wash.

What's my discount when I use my Luther Advantage card at Holiday Stations?

Insert your Advantage Card into the pump, and the price will automatically roll back 5 cents per gallon (10 cents per gallon if purchased after March 1st, 2016). Then insert your credit or debit card and pump your gas at the reduced rate. You can also present the Advantage Card to the Holiday sales associate, prior to pumping, and they will adjust the rate.

Where do I go for help with my Luther Advantage card?

Lost or Stolen? Please call 952-258-8800 and ask for Luther Advantage Card Customer Service Representative.

What is the difference between Advantage Plus and Advantage pre-owned vehicles?

Advantage Plus vehicles are vehicles that are seven model years and newer with under 100,000 miles on them. Advantage vehicles are vehicles that do not meet the Advantage Plus criteria.

What does my Advantage Plus warranty cover on my pre-owned vehicle?

Advantage Plus warranty is for 60 days 2,500 miles. The first 30 days/1500 miles (whichever comes first) Advantage Plus warranty covers failed components. The last 30 days/1000 miles Advantage Plus warranty provides limited power train coverage. See your warranty for details.

What does my Advantage warranty cover on my pre-owned vehicle?

Advantage warranty provides limited power train warranty for 30 days or 1000 miles (whichever comes first). See your warranty for details.

Does my selling dealer have the option of returning or exchanging the vehicle if a mechanical failure occurs within my Luther Advantage warranty?

Yes, if they are not able to cost effectively repair the vehicle, they do have the option of finding you a different vehicle or taking it back.

What are my options with the five day exchange or return option on my pre-owned car?

Advantage Plus vehicles have the five day exchange or return option. Advantage vehicles have the five day exchange option. If for any reason you are not happy with your pre-owned vehicle and you have driven less than 500 miles, just bring it back. We would love to find you something else. See any Luther manager for details.

What is on-line scheduling?

Our Luther Automotive stores have online scheduling for your service needs. Schedule your service appointment from home by clicking here, find your dealership, and schedule your appointment. Yes, it's as easy as that.

How and when can I receive a free CarFax report for a used vehicle?

In addition to our multi-point inspection, we also run a CarFax history on virtually every pre-owned vehicle we sell. If you'd like a free copy of the report for your vehicle before purchasing it, just ask your Luther associate.

What does the Luther clean Title Guarantee cover?

We certify the mileage on your pre-owned vehicle and also search the title to ensure its history is clear of salvage or flood damage.

Can I make a suggestion regarding the Luther Advantage program?

Absolutely! We've created this program for you and are very interested in your opinion. Please email your questions or suggestions to Thank you.